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Having a dream is were it begins, making it happen is when it starts to get challenging. Where in the whole wide world should we create our little paradise?

15 september 2010, a day to remember. After a long search taking us from Spain to France, Italy, Croatia and Morocco we arrived at the airport of Hurghada in Egypt. Friendly people took us from the airport with a car to the potential location in El Quseir, a small historic fishing town.

When we arrived there was only sand, white sand. The sun made it look like silver. It was a warm day. To refresh ourselves me and my wife immediately took a dive in the Sea. Enjoying the crystal clear water overseeing the beautiful spot it almost felt like it was unreal. Could this really be our property? We looked eachother in the eyes and we said......yes!  

This was the perfect location for our small friendly resort aimed at scuba divers, snorkellers and those who love the sun and nature and want a quiet, peaceful, relaxed atmosphere but with the convenience of having the small traditional town of El Quseir on its doorstep. El Quseir is quieter than most resort areas in Egypt, offering peace and the charm of yesteryear. The diving is rich, quiet and calm, and the coast has some superb beaches upon which to relax.

Welcome to SilverBeach Resort!

A little Dutch village in the heart of the Red Sea.

Rabie & Warda


Sea view

Luxury rooms

Field trips

Free shuttle bus to diving spots

Bedouin culture & lifestyle

International restaurant

Airport service

Fitness & wellness

Free wifi access

24 hour reception and room service

Laundry facilities    

Bespoke toiletries

Iron & ironing board

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