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Protecting Sealife & Nature

SilverBeach Foundation

Al Quseir is a beautiful place, with both the natural and man-made environments vital toits atmosphere and appeal. For this reason, the local government takes the preservation of the area seriously, to the extent where the hotel resort staff receives special trainingon thinking environmentally. It is perhaps for this reason that the city and its beacheshave remained so beautiful. Diving parties are limited in size to preserve the reefs, so you will fnd your underwater experience to be tranquil and peaceful, and of course you will be able to experience a sub aquatic world kept undamaged with responsible use.



The coral reefs at El Quseir are extremely diverse with scattered pinnacles, tunnels,chimneys, outcrops and caves waiting to be explored, and the sheer variety of coralgrowth is astonishing.


SilverBeach is supporting local projects to preserce marine life and protect the environment by using clean energy sources,


Please contact us directly if you want to support our foundation.



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